Shopping Zero-Waste in Style

Hello Friends!  Want to learn how to shop zero-waste in style? 

I put together this cute zero-waste shopping kit and decided to test it out at the farmer’s market.  I wanted to share my lovely experience with all of you!

The Kit

This is what I brought with me:

  • One Canvas Tote
  • Set of Organic Cotton Grocery Bags (apples not included 😉)
  • One Mason Jar

These little grocery bags are a great purchase!  They are excellent for carrying produce and keeping everything neat and tidy in my canvas tote while I walk around.  The solid ones are made from organic cotton muslin and have a drawstring top.  This makes them ideal for leafy greens, carrots, mushrooms and other products you want to keep contained.  The mesh ones are also made of organic cotton and are optimal for solid items like apples, potatoes, and tomatoes.  This set was purchased on Amazon and contains 7 pieces, including a swaddling wrap for fresh baked bread.  Yuuummm!!!

There are a lot of different sets you can purchase in the market.  I chose this one because they also include the weight on the tags.  This is perfect for when you bring them to a retail grocery store!

The Market

There is a small market down the street from me every Saturday morning in the summer.  It is walking distance; only about 5 blocks away. I am truly lucky to have such opportunity so close.  It seems that this is the perfect place to experiment with my zero-waste shopping kit.  Look at how beautiful this day is without a cloud in the sky.

First Stop Portabellas

I am drooling right now just thinking about these beautiful portabella mushrooms!  Look at how stunning this display is too.  The shop owner told me she had just picked these that morning.  With allure like that it was impossible to resist.  It really pays to shop local because they were delicious and so fresh!


Cruising the Market

The tasty arrangement at this jam and jelly stand is so inviting!  After chatting with the owner, I found out the most popular flavor was Cherry Habanero.  I am loving that they are mixing it up and offering unique blends that you can’t find readily available in stores.  Small businesses like this can offer so much more variety than traditional name brands can.

The smells of these fresh herbs stopped me in my tracks.  I was so tempted to buy them all and bring home an entire fresh herb garden.  What an amazing way to have fresh organic herbs at your fingertips whenever you desire for a recipe.  Picking the plant for only what you need also helps eliminate so much food waste. 

The colorful display of berries is so enticing.  Each container was so delicate and beautifully arranged in its own unique way.  I imagine if I lived on a berry farm it would be likely that none of these would ever make it to market!  Very few uncooked produce items are as enjoyable as freshly picked berries!

These small red potatoes make excellent breakfast skillets!  The texture of the surface is surprisingly uniform for something that grows underground pushing dirt and rocks around as it gets larger.  I am starting to get hungry from experiencing all the delicious produce.  I begin dreaming about all the amazing dishes that I can make.

Time for me to pick out some items to bring home!  I found these unique garlic scapes, something I don’t find often in my grocery store.  These are perfect for making a scape pesto for adding to other dishes.  You can also grill them for a completely different taste that slightly resembles asparagus.

I also picked out two of my all-time favorites for snacking, Radishes and carrots.  Both are amazing raw and can be added to salads or eaten as sides at any meal.  My plan when I get home is to make some portabella tacos and use the fresh sliced radishes as a side.  Delicious!

Stop for a Drink

All this zero-waste shopping can make a girl thirsty.  Especially on a warm sunny day like this.  I had a feeling this might happen, and therefore I brought the mason jar with me!  I bet you were wondering what that was for.  Always come prepared so you don’t get caught using disposable plastic cups or bottles.  This stand was making delightful mixes of ginger beer and tea, which they made directly into my jar for me.  Ah … refreshing!

Zero Waste Style

My zero-waste kit that I put together before walking down to the market came in so handy!  The entire experience was easy and seamless.  The little grocery bags helped keep everything organized, so it was a breeze to put away when I got home.  Most of the produce can also stay stored in the bags inside your fridge or pantry.  When you are finished with them they wash and dry very easily.

With all the variety of food, fresh picked produce, and ability to make a shopping trip completely zero waste I will surely be doing this again!  Zero-waste shopping is so easy and can be done in style if you prepare the appropriate cute accessories.  I am so glad I could share this experience with all of you!  I hope it inspires you to enjoy your own new adventures and find new ways to shop.










All Photos Courtesy of Carmen Locklette ©2018



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Shopping Zero-Waste in Style

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