5 Signs You Might Be A Fast Fashion Addict

Are you the kind of girl that likes to show up and make an entrance? Do you get anxiety when you think you are going to miss the great sale at your favorite store? Do you believe in retail therapy?  Stop right there, you might be a fast fashion addict!  Here are a few signs that you might be afflicted:

Need to Feed the Ego

  • You need to be noticed, impress others, and make a big statement when you walk in the room.
  • You wake up every morning and stress about the perfect #OOTD
  • You are standing in the middle of your overcrowded closet saying “I don’t have anything wear”

Style Chameleon

  • You can pull off everything from pretty punk to modest librarian
  • You have worn three different outfits in the same day
  • You have an outfit from every decade

Sale Slayer

  • You can’t resist anything over 50% off
  • You can spend hours hunting for a bargain
  • You have items in your closet with price tags still attached

Shopping is your Cardio

  • You know the location of every store in the mall
  • You think carrying shopping bags a form of weight training
  • You can power shop for longer than 5 hours

Hole in your Wallet

  • You spend almost $100 a week on clothes
  • You have more than one store credit card
  • You are broke, but instead of buying less, you just buy cheaper

I know I’m guilty of every single one of these as many of you are. You might even be proud of some of these habits and might not be thinking about of the effects of your decisions. Unfortunately, the truth is that fast fashion could be damaging.

Lately, there is a lot of negativity surrounding the term “fast fashion”.  Fast Fashion is the method of producing products quickly so that trends can be released to the consumer quickly at an affordable cost. The problem is that many companies are cutting corners.  For example, factories may not pay the workers fair wages, or may be dumping toxic dyes into the water around their facility. Also, many of these companies provide almost zero transparency, so you as a consumer would never know that you might be purchasing a product that is doing harm to people or the environment.

Shop with companies that have done their homework, many companies research the factories they work with thoroughly and are transparent about it.  Try to calm yourself and be mindful before making a purchase.  Take a moment to stop and ask yourself “what story does this tell”.  That way you can do more than just make heads turn, you can also feel good when you tell people why you chose that perfect dress.

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5 Signs You Might Be A Fast Fashion Addict

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